Finally, Break Free From Your Old Money Stories…

You can become a freer, more fulfilled, and successful you 


"I make money, it does not make me"

Money stories can influence your self-worth, your confidence, success and so many more areas of your life. Wouldn’t you like to release the stress, give up the guilt, and experience success on a whole new level? Break through your money story and rewrite your story to unleash your abundant mindset. We’ll show you how.


Our programs help you discover the money stories that have held you back for a lifetime. You have the opportunity to change that – now – today and begin your journey to a happy, healthy, and wealthy mindset.

Online Course

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Unleash Your Abundance One on One 8 Week Program

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Money Mindset for Relationships

Hugging by the Beach

Money Mindset Detox Mastermind

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The Value of Money Mindset Detox

Live Life on Your Own Terms

What Our Clients Say

The most important thing I learned was to be kind to myself as I was going through the process and to forgive myself for the financial mistakes that I had made in the past. This was a major breakthrough point for me, and I no longer live with the guilt. I stopped overspending and developed an abundance mindset that relieved all of the past stress around money.

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"If you want to know how rich you are, find how many things that you have that can't be bought with money"

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About Me

Hi there, I’m Karel, the founder of Unleash Your Abundance and 
The Money Mindset Detox Programs and I’m excited you’re here. 
You see, many years ago I found myself struggling with being a high performer in my personal and professional life, but not feeling worthy of success or wealth no matter how hard I worked or what I achieved.
After trying it all, from books to events, to courses and coaching, I discovered that the very thing I was missing was hidden right between my ears; my mindset. That’s when everything changed.
As a result of my own transformation, I’ve become passionate about helping people live their best lives, full of joy and completely guilt-free while having more control and simplicity, especially with money.
My mission is to help people succeed in their lives and careers, by showing them how to unleash more abundance in every area of their life.

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