Money Mindset for Relationship Reset

Did you know that the number one reason that couples and families argue about is money?

Money is the #1 reason that couples fight about and the second leading cause for divorce.

It seems so complicated that many couples AVOID talking about money at all.

Have you worked really hard to succeed? And now that you have achieved that financial goal you are struggling with how it’s affecting your relationship?

You each come from a different life experience and were raised with different beliefs about money that eventually turn into your money personality and your unique relationship with money.

How good would it feel to be able to enjoy conversations about money, how to spend, how to invest, without the stress and build a solid relationship and future together?

The Relationship Reset program will guide you to do just that.

It’s time to get rid of the toxic relationship with money from the core so that you can life that you can enjoy your relationship fully.

We will focus on the important elements that will help you move past the conflict and into an easy relationship without the avoidance, without the conflict, and without the stress to a joyful relationship.


You will learn:

  • Conscience Communication

  • Release and Rebuild: Letting go of your Money Anxiety

  •  Paradigm Prototyping:  Understand your personal money story

  • The Money Personality Conundrum: Identify your money personality and learn how to mesh your personalities into a productive relationship

  • Function or Dysfunction: Move towards Functional Abundance

  • Legacy Building: Build your unique Generational Abundance

  • Long Term Wealth Building: Build an action plan that works for a lifetime



How it works:

  • One on two sessions every week

  • One module every month

  • Exercises and worksheets for you to work on together

  • Ongoing personal support throughout the program

It’s time to reset your relationship and build your Generational Abundant future.

Image by Igor Rodrigues