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Money Mindset Mastermind

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

Money stories influence so much of your life - your career choices, your relationships, your business choices, your choices that affect yourself and your family.

The Power of the Group is here for you in this unique Mastermind program to help you move past the stress and guilt.


This Mastermind group is here to help you move forward and learn about new strategies with tools that you will use for a lifetime.

Breakthrough your money story and rewrite your story to unleash your abundant mindset.

  • Learn about how your money mindset influences your life 

  • Develop new money mindset strategies to help you let go of stress and guilt

  • Move from scarcity mindset to a healthy and abundant mindset with a strong support network

  • Solid support from from like-minded leaders

  • Clarity, accountability, and focus to understand how to move past your present mindset

  • Empowerment to stretch and grow your growth mindset

  • We'll help you identify solutions and opportunities by expanding your money mindset and overcoming your limiting beliefs, stress, and shame surrounding money that is holding you back

  • Exponential growth toward a win-win mindset

Each week one member of the group will have the opportunity to be in the "hot seat" 


1 Weekly Session/Week for 10 weeks

Enough time to focus on you within a small group (capped at 10 members max)

One hot seat on each session

One 1:1 personal coaching session per month for each participant per month


Ongoing access to researched and tested tools and resources to support you


Join the Money Mindset Detox Mastermind $497

1 Weekly Session/Week 

Mastermind Group Online


Thank you for your purchase! Looking forward to working together!
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