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Myths about Money: Myth #1 Money is the Root of All Evil

Money Myth #1: Money is Evil

We’ve all heard it said that money is the root of all evil. Maybe your parents reinforced this myth when you were growing up. They didn’t want to accumulate too much money because they were afraid that it would result in evil.

And so, you’ve unconsciously adopted this belief.

● You don’t want to accumulate too much money because you’re afraid of what it will do to you.

● You believe that somehow money will turn you evil.

● Or you believe that money itself is evil.

But is this true? Is money actually evil?


Take a minute and think about what money actually is.

Money is simply printed paper. Or a chunk of metal, like a gold bar. Or just digital numbers in your bank account that go up and down.

Is that paper or metal inherently evil?


Money itself is neutral. It’s not good and it’s not bad.

Think about it this way. When you put a $20 bill in your wallet, does that make you a worse person?

Of course not.

What if you put a $100 bill in your wallet?

You’re still not a bad person.

That’s because money itself is not evil. It’s morally neutral.

Adding more money to your bank account doesn’t mean that you’re somehow adding something bad to your life. You’re simply adding more numbers to your account.

Here’s the key point: It’s what you do with money, not money itself, that is good and bad.

● You can do great good with money.

● You can give it to people in need.

● You can buy something for yourself that you really want.

● You can start a charity.

● You can help your friend start a business.

And, of course, you can also do bad things with money.

You get the point. It’s the actions you take, not money itself, that is evil.

So let’s put this myth to bed. Money is neutral, not evil.

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