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The Donkey and the Carrot (and What it Has to do with a Wealthy Mindset)

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Do you ever wonder why some people achieve their financial dreams and others don’t?

It’s like the old cliché about the donkey and the carrot on a stick.

A man holds a long stick over donkey’s head, with a nice fresh carrot dangling from the end, on a string.

The donkey chases carrot, but of course, no matter how fast the donkey runs, the carrot is always just there, eternally out of reach.

The donkey never understands that the carrot will always go to exactly the same place because…well, it’s just a donkey.

You may laugh at the donkey, BUT, you may feel like you are the one chasing the carrot that you believe is always out of reach.

What a tough realization when you see that you are chasing the “money carrot”.

This was me way back when. I had developed blind spots that held me back from enjoying my success.

I kept reaching for the carrot and no matter how hungry I was for the carrot, it was always so far away.


In reality, the carrot was always the same distance away. My belief system held me back from seeing that.

So what is it that you are not seeing?

What is it that keeps you chasing the carrot on the stick?

Do you feel that in your secret self that it’s always going to be denied?

I’m here to help you reset your money story, so you can reclaim your financial power and leave the money carrot behind.

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